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Costume Design

Hope everyone had a wonderful and safe holiday season. Anyone make a New Year's resolution to make your own belly dance costume? You already know how to create the basic bra and belt. Now the fun really begins, as you turn your ideas into reality! Hopefully, you have already decided on a design or style for your costume including; colour(s), amount of beading required, types of beads, sequins or appliques you intend to use.

If you are not using appliques, but will be hand-beading the entire design yourself, a good idea is to draw the design on the bra and belt before you start. It's not easy to imagine, or work in your head, on the design. There are numerous ways of transferring your design: hand draw with a chalk pencil, use tissue paper under sheer material, use a tracing wheel to transfer the design or even use stencils. The possibilities are endless.

Once you have transferred your design onto the bra and belt, the hard work begins. Give yourself plenty of time if you have a deadline. There are several techniques for beading and in case you are wondering... all take time! Beading is easy and time consuming - no if, and or buts about it.

Materials you will need besides the sequins and beads, are a beading needle and thread. A beading needle is a long, fine needle with a small, round eye. Beading needles are available in various sizes and can be found at any store where sewing supplies are sold. I suggest using cotton-wrapped polyester thread, polyester thread or beading wire/thread. You can wax the thread to help reduce tangling and knotting. If creating your own appliques, I'd suggest using an embroidery hoop or scroll frame to stretch the fabric tightly and avoid puckering.


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